Using Twitter For Long Periods Can Give You ‘Social Jet Lag’ , Finds New Study

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Twitter is a great place to get news, dabble in conversation, and spend hours upon hours every day talking with strangers around the world in 280 characters. However, if you are not careful about how you use Twitter you might endanger your health.

A new research has revealed something really shocking. According to the research, the use of social media is increasing the problem of social jet lag in people, so people are interrupting their biological clock.  ‘Social jet lag’ is a disease that is related to the internal activities of our body and our daily routine programs.. So people suffering from social jet lag may experience problems related to sleep, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

This was revealed after studying the activities of people on Twitter. The Twitter social jet lag’s intensity is dependant on the user’s location and the prevailing season. The study said;


…….Twitter activity are correlated with sufficient sleep as measured by conventional surveys. We show that this nighttime lull in Twitter activity is shifted to later times on weekends relative to weekdays, a phenomenon we term “Twitter social jet lag.The magnitude of this social jet lag varies seasonally and geographically……..for the limited number of counties with unified school schedules for which the calendars are readily available, social jet lag lines up almost perfectly with the calendars, even though the population of Twitter users is clearly not just students. This is consistent with some studies that suggest that the effect of the sun on our lives may be getting weaker over time, perhaps as we spend more time indoors looking at our phones

Apparently, you may have to keep track of the time you spend on any social media platform so that you can have limits. If you are failing to track the time you are spending on Twitter (or any social media platform), then you have to pray that Twitter to brings a tool like a tool which Youtube introduced that monitors the time you spend on its platform. As it happens, tech giants are steadily getting concerned about the health of tech users, with companies like Google promoting the Digital Wellness initiative, so I won’t be surprised if Twitter ( or any other social media platform) come up with features that are designed to help people to lead healthy lifestyles whilst using their platforms.

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