An Online Petition To Ban President Mnangagwa From Davos Has More Than 40K Signatures

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa

No wonder Zimbabweans are being blocked from the internet by the government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa! We have become very creative and envelope pushing online.

There’s a petition on that is asking the international community to ban the Zimbabwean president from attending the World Economic Forum meetings in Davos from the 22nd of this month.

The petition was started by someone called Progress Mukanya 2 days ago with a target of 50 000 signatures but it is already at 42 000 at the time of publishing.

President Mnangagwa made his maiden trip to Davos last year just after the coup not coup only two months prior. He was at the height of his popularity in Zimbabwe at the time and by many accounts he was quite the charmer at Davos. It was at Davos that he started wearing his trademark scarf (I couldn’t resist).

This time around the situation looks different. The country’s economic woes seem worse and there is widespread disillusionment at home and abroad.

Here’s the petition.



  1. Anonymous

    Should be banned

  2. Anonymous

    He should come back home right now. He has failed as the President of Zimbabwe and therefore allowing him to attend Davos is just the same as allowing an ordinary person

  3. Easy Tech

    Ha ha ha, good luck looterd

  4. chirandu democrat


  5. Slim_daddy

    Ban that stupid uneducated imbecile Emerson Munangagwa

  6. Ray

    It is sad that we citizens are taken for granted – regarded as nonentities to be used as vehicles for the advancement of ZANU. The Lord in Heaven hears our prayers!

  7. Anonymous

    How sad for a Zimbabwean citizen to celebrate the downfall of their own country. Its always us the mere folk who suffer wether we dira jecha, we spread the worst abt our country.
    Work up Zjmboz and smell the coffee, lets unite in building our country not tearing it down

    1. Ma1 Atanga

      That clown who imposed himself as his excellency of our proud zimbabwe is our problem. He failed to fix a single goddamn thing in his 1yr + of presidency. What deal were you expecting that we should not celebrate? It is clear that you are dillusional and uninformed. Infact I can go as far as say you are either profiting from the state of affairs and enjoy watching zimbos suffer and/or you are an idiot who doesnt even live in ZW. I mean this guy failed to fix a single thing. Can you handle that? Corruption is rampant and now every single gvt arm has a catastrophic problem…And while things are about to get apocalyptic in Zw he is still on a business trip and refusing to comment about issues in his own country? Isn’t that failure? What positive deal is to be expected from such a person? For all I know people like you and EDr are tearing ZW apart. He and his cronies are a threat to ZW’s peace and national security.

  8. Lilian Nleya

    What kind of a leader who leave his country in utter chaos and busy galaventing?? He needs to go back like yesterday.!

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