More Of The Internet Is About To Be Switched Off In Zimbabwe, Almost No One Will Have Access

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We are reliable informed that the government has given another directive that will see the few people in Zimbabwe that still had connectivity being shut from the internet completely.

This is not just the social media block that has been on since early this morning or the switching off completely of Econet and TelOne rendering more than 65% of the subscribers to internet in Zimbabwe unable to access the internet.

ZOL is probably the only ISP that was left that was making internet accessible and perhaps NetOne although both had restricted access to WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. In a few minutes even ZOL could be switching off.


  1. Kilotango

    Utande is still working, just that social media sites have been blocked. ZOL/Econet have all gone off the radar

  2. Anonymous

    The lack of comments on this site and activity on my twitter feed is eerie. Stay safe everyone is

  3. Fidza

    Panom#m# munhu

  4. Nyangamo

    The nation is loosing more millions of dollars worthy of business from shutting internet while trying to prevent the penniless Zimbo from talking to mere neighbors

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