[Updated]TelOne’s WiFi Home And Away Service Hasn’t Been Working. Is It Actually Dead?

TelOne’s Home & Away service has not been working as smoothly as it should be over the past few weeks (and maybe even longer than that). Home & Away enables TelOne home broadband customers to use their home credentials to access service at any of TelOne’s wifi hot spots countrywide.

How long has it been down?

Home and Away doesn’t look like the most popular service offered by TelOne so it can go under the radar and take a while before people notice that it’s not working. It seems the problems with Home & Away might stretch back as far back as May. The following tweets show that the troubles faced by subscribers have been on-going for a long time now:


TelOne also acknowledged the problems back in June but at the time they only labelled the problems as being intermittent (which means it would work then not work):

In August again, another customer complained about the platform facing some challenges so it’s clear that even if the issues were intermittent they were happening often enough to be a consistent problem for the majority of times.

Over the weekend a colleague went to TelOne and whilst there he asked about the Home and Away service out of curiosity and was informed that it hadn’t been working for a number of weeks. Of course, the receptionist who gave this response wouldn’t technically be wrong if the platform hasn’t been working for 32 weeks. This incident is what actually put us on notice then we tracked back only to realise the problems goes back further than just a few weeks and has been somewhat a consistent issue during since mid-2018.

We have contacted TelOne to understand what is actually going on with their system and for a timeline of when they might fix the problem. In the meantime, you’ll have to rely solely on your home broadband for connectivity. Speaking of home broadband, you can now buy TelOne Data on the Techzim marketplace. You can also purchase the prepaid voice packages.

What has your experience with WiFi Home and Away been like in recent times? Has it worked flawlessly or have there been errors? Let us know and maybe this could help us get to the bottom of this issue.

[Update]: TelOne has indeed confirmed on their Twitter page that the system isn’t working. We are still waiting on the response from TelOne’s communication reps on what the issue is

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