Zimbabwe ISP’s ordered to shutdown internet again

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Posted By friends of Techzim as our local team is presently disconnected…

It seems that the Government of Zimbabwe has issued yet another directive to ISPs forcing them to shutdown the internet again at approximately midnight last night. We can only assume that the enterprising Zimbabweans out there were finding bypasses to the continuous attempts to block access to social media. Our sources within various ISPs were saying that they were receiving requests to block new services or apps on a nearly hourly basis at one point yesterday.

We still don’t understand why the Government of Zimbabwe continues to persist in this attempt to stifle free communication and when they will realise that such attempts are ultimately fruitless. The cost to the Zimbabwe economy has to be disastrous and yet the Government still peddles the Zimbabwe is open for business mantra.

We will keep you updated as get more information

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  1. Anonymous

    Just this sums it up all – “receiving requests to block new services or apps on a nearly hourly basis at one point yesterday” this means they have operatives actively monitoring people’s posts on social media helping each other try bypass the block. These resources would be better used focused on economy. Our priorities are so misplaced.

  2. Anonymous

    Will the government compensate ISPs for loss of income?

  3. Ndezvevarume izvi

    They should be sued for loss of income

  4. Siyananeni Zimbabwe

    There is no ‘Open for business’ like this, This Gvnt is short of ideas now, ndiko kupererwa manji uku!!!

  5. Anonymous

    There is no open for business here I think our government must deal with whoever manipulated ,the people to go around destroying properties than ,to make every citizen suffer ,some people’s businesses lays on social media how are they going to survive ,ndozva zii manje zvavakuita izvi

  6. Munyaradzi Murombe

    Very sad decision; misguided for that matter!

  7. Anonymous

    Please please please please please please please please please please we are relying on the internet

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