List Of Bureaux de Changes And Money Transfer Agencies Where You Can Exchange Your RTGS Dollars And US Dollars

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Zimbabwe bond notes and USD SI 127 of 2021

Today marks the day the Interbank Foreign Currency Exchange Market opens despite banks having already started to trading forex and RTGS dollars on Friday at $1 USD/ $2.5 RTGS dollars. However, Banks are not the only institutions that are trading but also Bureau de changes are doing that as well.

Below we have compiled a list of Bureau de change and banks (and Money Transfer Agencies (MTAs))  that you can walk into to change your RTGS Dollars and US dollars:

MTA – Tier 1MTA – Tier 2Bureaux de Change
BancABCGetbucks Financial Services (Pvt) LtdArtmount Trading (Pvt) Ltd T/A Zimexpress
People’s Own Savings Bank (POSB)Bonga Travel & Financial Services (Pvt) LtdAccess Finance (Pvt) Ltd
Econet Wireless (Pvt) LtdMetbank LtdSuperDeal Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd T/A Lamcent (Pvt) Ltd
Express Financial Services LtdTelecel (Pvt) LtdNissi Global (Pvt) Ltd
Ecobank Zimbabwe LtdSolten Financial Services (Pvt) LtdKwikforex
Central African Building Society (CABS)Fredex Financial Services (Pvt) LtdElizabeth Florist
Easylink Money Transfer LtdCBZ Bank LtdJuilisim (Pvt) Ltd
Send Money Home (Pvt) LtdSimukai Financial Services LtdAfro Price (Pvt) Ltd
Steward Bank (Pvt) LtdChampion Forex Services T/A Hand2HandSuccess Microfinance Bank Ltd
FMC FinanceNMB Bank LtdMahenye Investments T/A Acacia Bureau de Change
Zimbabwe Post (Pvt) LtdOK Zimbabwe Ltd T/A OK Money WaveMinipec Bureau de Change (Pvt) Ltd
Agricultural Bank of Zimbabwe T/A AgribankKaah Express Financial Services (Pvt) Ltd
Sahara Forex BureauFBC Bank limited
ZIMSEND (Pvt) LtdStanbic Bank Zimbabwe Limited
Meikles Financial Services
Quest Financial Services
ZB Bank Ltd
Direct Connect Financial Services
Zympay Zimbabwe Ltd
Kumusha Fintech (Pvt) Ltd

NB: Tier 1 are institutions that do both inward and outward remittances And Tier 2 are institutions that do inward remittances only.

All the bureaux de change firms (2021) where you can buy USD at the Auction Rate

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  1. TopSword

    By inward and outward meaning?

    1. Anonymous

      for real. what does it mean? also, i feel like me as an ordinary person will walk into these institutions and try buy forex and be told they dont have.

  2. Anonymous

    This is only daylight robbery because no ordinary citizen can access forex from these banks. Even if you want to shop online, it remains a challenge.

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