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Facebook Messenger Finally Gets Dark Mode – Here’s How To Enable It

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Facebook’s Messenger overhaul began rolling out globally early this year, bringing with it a much-needed refresh to the app’s design that removed the clutter and made it simpler to use. As part of the refresh, Facebook confirmed that the long-awaited Dark Mode would soon make its way to the app.

Now, a recent update to the stable version lets users enable Dark Mode through a rather unusual way. The mode is still not completely ready yet, which may be the reason why it isn’t yet available through a toggle in the settings directly and needs to be enabled through what seems like a “moon” emoji (🌙 ).

How to enable the Dark Mode

  • First, ensure the Messenger app on your device is updated to the latest version.
  • Next, go into any chat and head into that specific conversation’s settings by tapping on the name of the person, or people, you were chatting with.
  • Within the chat, send a moon emoji as a message.

  • For some users, this is enough to activate Dark Mode, but for others, you may have to actually double-tap the moon emoji within the chat. I had to tap on the moon emoji a few times and eventually, it sparked a flood of moons falling down the screen, then the dark mode prompt appeared.
  • Once you have found the dark mode, you can tap on the prompt to head to settings and activate it.

The Dark Mode may or may not be active for all users at this stage. Either way, Facebook will start to roll out dark mode to all users soon, not just those who know this trick.

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