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ZBC App Now Functional, Watch The News From Your Phone

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Last year we stumbled upon ZBC Live, an app from the national broadcaster. The application had 4 channels and two of those channels are now working. Previously all 4 channels had a “coming soon” banner whenever you tried to watch any of them but that’s all changed with half channels now available for viewing.

If you download the ZBC Live app from the Google Play Store (it’s not available for iPhone/iPad users) you’ll be able to start watching ZBC TV and Zim 24. ZBC TV is the channel we’ve known and maybe not exactly loved for a number of years whilst Zim 24 is labelled as the News channel. I may be mistaken but I’m pretty confident Zim 24 is only available on this application and isn’t available for viewers watching from their TV sets.

Though this app gets the job done, it would have been better if the national broadcaster made it clear that this app was still in beta because there are a number of things that are incomplete. ZBC Documentaries and Sports263 are the two channels in the app that remain labelled as coming soon and it will be interesting to see what those look like once they go live. Apart from channels the applications settings menu isn’t functional yet and the following menus are all listed without working:

  • Account
  • VOD
  • Channels
  • Player

The channels that do work seem to be working perfectly fine and during the time I tested the application the sound and image quality was fine. This application in its current form will definitely appeal to people who are fond of ZBC and also want to keep up with news broadcasts on the go and it will stay in my app drawer whilst I patiently wait for the remaining two channels.

Download the ZBC Live App on the Google Play Store

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