2 Unusual Places To Buy All Your Airtime Using EcoCash

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With street vendors now selling airtime at a premium and EcoCash now virtually the de facto medium of making payments in Zimbabwe, I’m sure you thank us, Techzim, for making it possible to buy airtime not only on our site but also on 2 of your favourite social media platforms, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Indeed you can buy Telecel, Netone and Africom airtime from us on WhatsApp and Facebook. Here’s how you can buy it on these social media platforms.

How to buy airtime on Facebook

  • Sign in to Facebook and look for Techzim’s Facebook page
  • Once you find it, click on ‘Send Message’ Techzim’s Facebook page
  • Send a message written ” airtime”
  • After Techzim’s bot replies you, you just have to enter tell it the amount of airtime you want to buy, the phone number to be recharged and the EcoCash account to pay. Suppose you want Netone’s airtime worth RTGS$ 2, you merely have to reply the bot with this message: 2#071XXXXXX#077XXXXXX. In which case “2” stands for the amount of airtime you want to buy, “071XXXXXX” stands for the Netone (or it could be a Telecel number) which will receive the airtime and ” 077XXXXXX” is the EcoCash number that will make the payment.
  • When you are done with this, EcoCash will send you a prompt on your screen so that you can put your pin code. And as soon as you enter your pin code, your airtime will be automatically credited in your account.

How to buy airtime on WhatsApp

  • Save the following WhatsApp number: 0716841933
  • Send the word “airtime”
  • You will receive a message that tells you how to buy your preferred airtime. The process is just as similar as the one you use to buy airtime on Facebook (see the 4th step above).
  • EcoCash will then ask for your pin-code to make the payment of the airtime. After, putting the pin, your airtime will automatically get credited in your account.

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  1. SG


  2. Janeth

    This is genius! well done techzim

    1. SG

      Doesn’t really count as genius when others have been doing it in the market for a long time (topup.co.zw etc) this is just promotion for their implementation 😀


    On 17.04 @17:02 I bought airtime via yo web and up-to-nw I haven’t received it

    You have successfully paid RTGS$1.00 to TECHZIM Online Payment (83688), Txn ID MP190417.1702.C61164.

  4. Ayaz

    a hectic and useless process..why waste my time???

  5. E Zinyama

    I bought airtime worth$10 and I didn’t receive it and netone called on my behalf and you promised to send it but till now nothing happened. I tried to call you and you did not pick up so how long shall I wait for my $10 airtime

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