How To Record WhatsApp Calls On Android

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WhatsApp is a great messenger app with a number of features including both video and audio calls. But there is one feature that has been missing for a while (even in modded apps) and that is call recording. Of course, there is a major concern of misuse with call recordings, but sometimes we desperately need it.

If you want to record WhatsApp calls there are a few workarounds, but it’s not fool-proof as it also depends on the smartphone you are using. That being said, this is your best bet right now. So, here is how you can record WhatsApp calls on Android.

How to record the calls

  1. Install Cube Call Recorder app ( its free) and open it. Grant all the necessary permissions and you are good to go.

2. Now, open WhatsApp and make a call, a widget should appear on your screen indicating it’s recording your WhatsApp call. If the widget doesn’t appear then manually tap on the microphone icon in the Cube Recorder app. It will start recording your call thereafter.

3. In some cases, the recordings don’t have audio from the other side. To fix this issue, tap on the menu and open “Recording”. Change “VoIP recording” audio source to “Microphone”.

4. You are good to go, you can now record your calls. Besides WhatsApp calls, you can use this app to record cellular calls as well. In my testing, WhatsApp call recording worked flawlessly on my ZTE BA602 without changing the default settings.

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    FOOL PROOF, not “full-proof”, fool !!

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    I think this maybe it will make sense…thank you let me try it now.

  4. gunjan kumar

    Not supported in all devices.But I think this is good article for those who want to record WhatsApp call.

  5. Waqar

    I am afraid this recoding app does not do the job you describe. I install on my Samsung Note 3 but after installing when this app run its shows me message that VOIP calls recording it’s not possible on my device though it can record my normal calls. Please suggest other applications that can do record on my what’s up calls.

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    Interesting.. Let me try it right away

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    When you guys try it tell me if it works and if it’s secure.. Mmmmh coz free things no

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    Nice app helped me to record call as well as whatsapp calls too

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    Wat i wud b really interested in is like truecaller if i see wen d person is bz on watsapp cal….n nothing like if cn see who wd 😂😂

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