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Buying NetOne, Telecel And Other Airtime On WhatsApp Is Now Too Easy

Update: We have changed the WhatsApp number to 0717684274

Too easy? Yes. Here’s all you need to do:

  • Send one word: Airtime to Techzim Market WhatsApp number 0718049280
  • The Techzim Market bot will reply to you with instructions on how to buy airtime of any network using EcoCash.
  • Follow the instructions which are simply to send a message in this format: Amount#NumberToRecharge#EcocashNumber e.g 1#0712000111#0772777888
  • Check your EcoCash phone to confirm the transaction by entering your PIN. It doesn’t matter whether your EcoCash line is in a kambudzi phone or is in the same phone you are using for WhatsApp.

You can do all the above in one quick shortcut move: Simply click here.

When we started experimenting with selling airtime over WhatsApp we were charging a 5c fee because we were using an expensive sandbox platform. Now we are using our own platform and no we do not charge anything extra for the convenience of buying airtime via WhatsApp.

Look out for exciting promotions from time to time via the WhatsApp platform.

Need a demo? Watch this short clip:

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge