Huawei Gets Banned From Using Memory Cards (SD Cards) In It’s Smartphones

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Bad news for Huawei continues as another industry figure has cut the Chinese company off. Huawei has been removed the from the SD Association, a non-profit group that sets the standards for SD and microSD cards.

SD Association confirmed to Android Authority that it’s complying with the recent executive order that placed Huawei on the Entity List. This news won’t affect existing Huawei phones’ ability to accept microSD cards, but the company declined to comment on the effect that it will have on future models. It likely means that future Huawei devices won’t be able to use microSD cards.

While that’s certainly not good news, it’s not the worst blow Huawei’s received during this mess. Fortunately last October Huawei unveiled its own proprietary storage card called Nano Memory Cards so at least it has a backup system in place to account for this loss.

The whole situation is still early right now, and so it’s unclear how things will ultimately play out, but right now it looks like Huawei could have a rough time competing in the smartphone market after all of these companies and groups suspend business with it.



  1. Van Lee Chigwada

    Im not sure if you understand it or not; or just left it like that for the dramatic effect: but Huawei can still make phones with Memory Cards. They just can’t call them SD cards.

    Huawei will have to obtain the relevant licenses through other means for them to do this but its still do-able.
    Maybe update your article to reflect that as your error could lead to blog readers not buying future Huawei phones because of this.

    enGadget made a similar error and had to update their article to rectify the facts

    1. abe carl

      The article is no different in context with other articles written on the matter. They have been banned from using SD cards and the article goes to great lengths to show that Huawei have their own cards to use.
      This is a great and informative article.

      1. Van Lee Chigwada

        No. Juat no.

  2. Werner Barnard

    Might be a problem for the cheaper phones, but with 128gb and more storage onboard, who needs it..

  3. Vianney

    What..! Why Us the Huawei.”From Google outrange to SD card default.”..This is literally going to have effect not only to the Huawei smartphones Users but also to the Huawei Company it’s self

  4. Joseph

    Why do we need SD card on Huawie well Huawie itself have more storage theres no need for that SD card


    First of all one’s Huawei starts using the nano SD, every one will be going for it in the next coming years, so they must just forget and keep in mind that Huawei its the best

    1. Junior

      Perfect! About time we the world learns to breath without the United States. It’s possible and everyone everywhere is learning fast…

  6. Anonymous

    unfair business practice on part of America. This can happen to anyone, I think other countries are learning too. The way I see it, America is shooting itself in the foot. To those who can afford it, they are going to start making/promoting their own products.

    1. Mike

      Totally agree, they are just demonstrating they can’t compete with others.

  7. Wisey

    who nids any SD card anywei, 32 gig of onboard storage is enough for an average phone user. i hve 16gig space on ma fone, 10 gig usable and ts more dan enough for pics at weddings, parties, outings etc, i simply back em up on cloud or my PC.

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