Yo Mix Is Back, But It Should Be Called Their Mix…

For the first time in a while, I got an unprompted message from Econet that I enjoyed. It read:

YoMix is Back! Bigger & Better with new exciting features & its now for everyone. Delete the old YoMix app & download the new one for Android on

So yes, every youths favourite data-saving application is back but the data offering has changed. When Yo Mix was pulled down and they told people it would be back, most had a feeling the pricing would be different.


When it became clear that bundles and data pricing had been changed, it became clear that even if Yo Mix came back, we would barely recognise it. After having installed it and played with it briefly I’m sad to say whilst Yo Mix is back, the fun and value we were used to seems absent.

Now this could be only affecting me as Yo Mix was highly customisable, so I would love to know if y’all are getting different results compared to me but so far here are some lowlights:

  • You no longer get data at the same price regardless of validity. When Yo Mix initially came out, 3GB was 3GB. Whether you wanted it for a day, a month or a week you paid the same amount. Now when you change the validity the price changes.
  • The data is obviously more expensive. 3GB used to cost me around $6 on the old Yo Mix. The new maximum I can buy is 1.95GB but it also comes with a minimum of 10 minutes and 200 SMS. Do you see why it’s not really your mix anymore?

The new Yo Mix has also been redesigned and there are new services:

  • Share Airtime – Seems to allow two subscribers to buy airtime and split it.
  • Preset Bundles – Looks like the normal bundles that many are regarding as too expensive
  • Borrow Airtime – you get to borrow airtime at 10% interest.
  • Gifts – you can make a bundle and buy it for a subscriber of your choice
  • Overscratched Cards – you can redeem airtime from overscratched cards which you can not see the recharge numbers (if only you still buy recharge cards).

Those are my initial thoughts after spending a few minutes with the application. I’ll test it out a bit more and If I come across something more interesting I’ll share my thoughts.

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  1. minimum you pay for the weekly bundle z now 7 bucks, i remember i used to buy daily bundles for as little as 4c, nw the minimum z 1.7rtgs$. kunzima yoooh

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