Huawei And Apple Make The Strongest Phones – Report

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Everyone wants a stronger smartphone. Sadly, the industry’s planned obsolescence dampened this desire in the past as smartphone makers deliberately developed devices with an engineered expiration date. Despite this fraud practice, that can’t stop researchers from checking which phonemaker is making stronger phones relative to others.

Huawei And Apple lead the way

According to a new report, Huawei and Apple are creating today’s most durable smartphones. A market research firm, Harris Interactive, analyzed the aftersales reports of French tech retailer, Fnac-Darty. After following 130,050 reports, Harris Interactive compiled a short list of brands that didn’t need as much repairs under warranty. The list names only three brands: Honor, Huawei, and Apple. (Of course, Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei, making the list a double win for the Huawei.)

For both brands (Huawei and Apple), the report delivers great news. Despite piling geopolitical troubles, Huawei makes great phones which is a beacon of hope since customers would (theoretically) want to get their hands on the most durable phone. A while back, Apple purposely degraded its devices’ batteries, forcing unnecessary upgrades for its users. Surprisingly, the brand now rounds out the list of most durable smartphones.

High durable phones: a bane or boon for consumers?

Smartphone users are no longer fanatically chasing after the next big smartphone. More users are growing satisfied with their current handsets, foregoing the latest model for cheaper repairs. That’s why the average ownership of phones is now sitting on 3 years, which is just too bad news for phonemakers. This, in turn, spells bad news to us consumers in the form of high phone prices from phone makers as they will be trying to counter the declining year-on-year sales.

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  1. Jack

    Huawei has come a long way blazingly fast. I once had a handset that if you coughed while looking at Whatsapp the screen would crack. I have seen the Huawei Mate 20 Pro in the flesh. Its the perfect device. No wonder Trump is trying to stop them.

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