ZOL Increases Its RTGS Prices Again

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ZOL has increased it’s RTGS dollar prices again in less than three months. I can’t blame them, the economy is in shambles such that the RTGS dollar is losing its value virtually every week. It’s really that bad.

I’m not sure if we should keep on saying that ZOL “has increased prices” rather than saying it “has adjusted its pricing in line with the changing value of RTGS dollar”. However, ZOL introduced USD prices for its packages which are (expected to be) more stable than RTGS prices. Just take a look at the new RTGS prices:


PackageNew Price (RTGS)
Family Entertainment (Uncapped)$688
Modern Family (Uncapped)$918.50
Turbo pack (Uncapped)$1565


PackageNew Price (RTGS)
2 gig$23.50
3 gig$28
5 gig$55.50
15 gig$92.50
20 gig$106.50
30 gig$166.50
60 gig$272.50
100 gig$402


PackageNew Price (RTGS)
Business Plus$2031
Basic (Uncapped)$365
Platinum (Uncapped)$3508
Enterprise backup (Uncapped)$531

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4 thoughts on “ZOL Increases Its RTGS Prices Again

  1. Apparently ZOL in their last communication had said that the prices will be aligned to the interbank rate and the USD prices will remain unchanged. Hope you saw that mate ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. W where are all those telone haters. They far far cheaper… Do the talking with your feet…an ADSL modem costs nothing… Plus 225 for 500gb is great value at the moment. Don’t complain just move over

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