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Google Says They’ve Trained 15K Developers & 35 Startups In Africa


Google In Africa Recently shared a number of interesting developments they’ve made on the continent, at a recent Google For Nigeria event. From developers trained to startups assisted through Launchpad and so much more.

Developers and startups

Google says they’ve trained 15k developers and recently partnered with Pluralsight and Andela, a partnership which has reached as far as Zim:

According to Google, the Launchpad Accelerator program has yielded positive results with 35 startups graduating and 385 jobs being created. The $19 million raised isn’t a number to scoff at either.

Google still has 25 startups to train before they meet their initial goal for Launchpad.

Digital skills…

Google’s Digital Skills for Africa has reached 4 million people (me being one of them!) and Google’s still got 6 million more people to go. With content being free they’ll reach this figure without any issues.


Google Org -the non-profit that seeks nonprofit innovators that apply radical, data-driven innovation to solving the world’s biggest challenges- has pledged to give $4 million to youth empowerment, agriculture and gender equality:

Beyond tech

Google’s efforts will be going beyond startups and developers and will actually integrate artists. 10 of them…

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