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[Updated] Hey YoMix Users, Econet Heard Your Cry: The Sweet ‘400MB For $0.85’ Deal Is Back Again

Earlier on we had written the article below but now YoMix has cancelled the promotion again.

Econet seems like it has heard your YoMix prayers. After it brought to a halt a month-long promotion on Monday, I’m happy to tell you that the promotion is back again.

The deal is exactly enticing as the one it gave you before: 400 MB (for a month time period) is still going for ZWL $0.85cents and yeah, ZWL $17 gets you a lucrative 7.81 gig. Here are the screenshots I have just took:

We will give you an update telling you if this offering is now the new norm or it’s only around for this month again (or just this week or today).

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22 thoughts on “[Updated] Hey YoMix Users, Econet Heard Your Cry: The Sweet ‘400MB For $0.85’ Deal Is Back Again

  1. The charges for yomix are not the same, i dont know what they use to differentiate price. Options i get on my tablet or iPhone are expensive from those i can get on my MiA1. For a monthly data plan only is start at $6,.. for 400mb a month, which is ridiculous considering i get almost 2gig for about $5 on my other handset

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  3. The your mix bundles are ridiculously expensive now $7.85 for 300mb 3days just imagine, this app is becoming useless.

  4. From what I have noticed, if yu have a healthy amount of minutes or data left on your bundle, it is more expensive to add on but the less you have the cheaper it is. That is it is cheaper to buy a data bundle with abalance of 50mb than say 3gb

  5. For me yday the bundles were rtgs1.61 for 400mb monthly bundle, today ts bc to rtgs6.95 for 400mb.mayb ts bcoz I still hve 7 gig data left as anonymous suggested

  6. The charges are not the same for everyone. Some users are still getting the 400mb deal for $0.85 but for others its now going for almost $8.00

  7. The pricing on my app/account has cheap charges plus i even borrow $10zwl airtime which is an enticing deal.

  8. My data is now expensive but others they buying it for 12c how can you fix that for me?

  9. Hie guys i am struggling to buy weekly or monthly bundles wat cld be the problem is it the application or my phone coz I only have access on buying the day bundle

  10. YoMix prices are not the same , wat actually determine the pricing ?? Some would get 400mbs for 0.85rtgs and others 8rtgs , wats goin on ,

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