If You Use Vaya To Collect Trash, Econet Is Promising $2


Econet subscribers have been receiving the following message regarding Clean City this morning:


Get $2 FREE airtime when you request your FREE Clean City trash collection using the Vaya App!!

Limited time only!!

Econet message

Clean City allows you to hail trash collectors the same way you would book a taxi ride on the Vaya application and Econet are adding this incentive in order to increase usage of the recently released service.

Since the garbage collection is free this seems like a good but just don’t do it for the airtime as there is no guarantee you will get it. Econet has made such offers on a number of occasions and failed to deliver. Most recently, they promised they would pay you 50c per registration for every user you sign up for the Buddie Beatz music streaming platform but a number of customers were complaining of never getting their money.

The same thing happened when Econet launched Vaya and they said if you referred other people to use the application you would get a free ride. I personally did so and never got the free ride they spoke of. At one point they told people to register for Vaya and they would get airtime and during that promotion, their Facebook was littered with users who did not get their airtime.

It’s not clear if other subscribers actually get paid when these hastily announced promos start but at least the Clean City service is free (in this case) so the $2 shouldn’t be an issue…

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