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Apple Sues A Start-up For Selling Copies Of iOS and iPhone Apps

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Apple is taking legal action against a company named Correllium for making an iPhone emulator. Correllium’s virtual iPhone service allowed anyone to run Apple’s latest operating systems on PC as soon as they get released by paying Correllium.

Apple claims that Correllium has been encouraging its customers to sell the vulnerabilities to black hat hackers. Apple said:

Although Corellium paints itself as providing a research tool for those trying to discover security vulnerabilities and other flaws in Apple’s software, Corellium’s true goal is profiting off its blatant infringement. Far from assisting in fixing vulnerabilities, Corellium encourages its users to sell any discovered information on the open market to the highest bidder.

The company managed to survive so far without Apple’s knowledge because they claimed their service to be a tool for helping hackers discover security flaws in the operating system- Apple does support the motive of finding flaws and exploring the operating system for finding critical vulnerabilities.

Apple has made it clear that it wants the service to be blocked from further sales and Correllium should notify its customers that they are violating Apple’s copyrights.

But Correllium has not gone public with its response yet but since things have escalated to the legal grounds, the company has to respond in front of the legal authorities for its actions and behavior.

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