Econet Hikes Data & WhatsApp Bundles Prices Again In August.


Hi, Bad morning Econet users. You now have to shell out an additional bucks to buy data, WhatsApp and SMS bundles. Here are the new prices:

Data bouquets


Social media bouquets

Daily bouquetsWeekly bouquetsMonthly bouquets


It’s noteworthy that this is the second time Econet has increased it’s prices this month. As the Zimbabwea Dollar continue to lose it’s value on a weekly basis, Econet (and everybody) is forced to increase it’s prices to make sure that it’s not receiving peanuts for it’s offerings. Expect Telecel and Netone to introduce new-increased prices in less than a month.

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one year ago

Hmmmmn…..the impact on online business is going to be devastating…..a large portion of our population is slowly but surely being pushed of the internet.

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one year ago

Its truly in bad taste that Econet has in the process stolen from subscribers. I bought the 250MB package last night which this morning i was advised has been converted to 180MB. Seroiusly, how does this work. I paid for a package and that contract still subsists until expiry. Econet- Do something to fix this anomaly right now.

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