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New Zupco Buses Come With Appealing Features

Yesterday the President commissioned 42 Zupco buses as part of the government’s plan to “develop an integrated and multi-model urban transport system”. Besides the cheap fares offered by these buses, there are some attractive add-ons that may urge you to habitually use the buses whenever you have journey.

The add-ons come in the form of WiFi and real time information (USB ports are already offered by the current crop of buses).

With the onboard WiFi , you will obviously be able to ‘Google’/surf the internet in Zupco buses whilst you are on your way to work. We’d have to see when the buses get on the road to see if one has to pay to use the WiFi or it’s free of charge.

With real time information, you will…….. Wait, let’s first define real time information. Real-time information means any information available to transit providers or customers about the current status of vehicles, including approximate locations and predictive arrival times. So it follows that Zupco bus users will be able to access the schedule, stops and estimated arrival times of the buses. This information can be accessed through onboard screens, screens at bus stations, text messages or an app- though in Zupco’s case, I think it will be accessible on onboard screens.

Real time information seems like it’s not a big deal but hey, you can efficiently plan a journey if the information is reasonably accurate.

Combine the onboard WiFi, Real time information and onboard USB ports, using the Zupco bus is more likely to give you a better user experience than the one you get with kombies. Safe journeys.

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2 thoughts on “New Zupco Buses Come With Appealing Features

  1. If they plan to offer real-time information then I can see opportunities for app developers to come up with ticketing systems which can also offer booking seats and information such as arrivals, departures and location of the bus. Developers please don’t wait to be summoned. Just develop your softwares and apps then offer them to either Zupco or any transport operator to test and use.

  2. Are you speculating what real-time information is going to be available, or are you informing us of the information that is going to be available. It’s not clear at all.

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