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4 Thieves Caught After Stealing Batteries At Econet’s Base Station

Four thieves were caught by the police after they had stolen 24 batteries at an Econet Booster, thanks to a vigilant security guard. According to a post on Twitter by the Zimbabwe Republic Police:

With Econet now installing expensive Tesla Powerwall batteries, the risk has never been higher. To date, Econet has installed 520 Powerwall batteries at its base stations countrywide. Apparently, the mobile network operator needs more of these security guards to save the day.

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One thought on “4 Thieves Caught After Stealing Batteries At Econet’s Base Station

  1. Don’t know if Econet and Harare City Council are aware that such vulnerable outside installations can self-protect – just erect a high strength diamond wire mesh around them, with a high voltage sourced from the very same batteries applied to them.

    Their maintenance personnel can get safe access to them by first deactivating the high voltage via a remote control… Simple

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