5 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Site Before The End of 2019

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1. The business world has gone digital 

But of course, you already knew this. The business world has evolved in more ways than we thought economically possible. Apart from your products and services, you also have to be online as a stand-alone personal brand. This reduces the odds of your business failing by, roughly, 25%. The tiny gaps of misinformation or lack of it and brand activity are much easier to track in a person than a whole firm. Companies can seem too quiet to a point of disappearance but human beings’ silence sounds more like ‘busyness’. Keep in mind that this term is more related to productivity than it is otherwise. 

2. The relevance of Digital Portfolios 

Whoever thought resumes could be ‘outgrown’ by the world? This is one of the developments that desperately needed to happen for convenience’ sake. Gone are the days that you needed to tailor create a resume fit for every type of job you were trying to apply for. Traditional resumes are not very visual but the dawn of the digital age has absolutely cleaned up on the previous flaws of what a resume stood for. The Digital portfolio is easily editable and aesthetically pleasing. This has an effect of making your brand seem much more alive than it would fair otherwise. People are also most likely to trust you if you have a website. Not to mention the recent new trend in Human Resources Management Teams of looking up a potential employee’s activity online for naughty business. Get judged for appropriate content that gets you the job every time!

3. Personalized user experience 

According to email marketing experts, people are more likely to buy from you if they feel like they know you personally. This is why there is now a strong emphasis on email personalization in order to make the recipient feel like you are ‘familiar’. Human beings are still very emotional beings in 2019 who want to feel cared for. This is typically the same case in the business world and what better way to build familiarity other than pasting your face on strategic parts of the internet where most people are bound to ‘bump’ into it. Get noticed, increase your sales this way and simultaneously, reduce your bounce rate. 

4. Influencer Magic

Did you know that the more you create content is the more you sound knowledgeable in your field of expertise? The people that are interested  in this particular field will continuously share, comment and read your content. This not only makes you fair well with the Google Search Engine but it automatically makes you an influencer of your niche. If you ever wondered how influencer’s make it to the top, this is how. A website makes this work so much smoother and gives people a solid place of reference for this information to be found. You might then argue that you’re a social media fanatic who has all of their accounts updated and topping on engagement. This is fantastic too but did you know that according to this report, there are more than 2 million searches on Google in just 26 seconds? 11 million more in 2 minutes and so on and so forth. The question is…will they find you online?

5. You stand out from the competition

Chances of your current competitors having their own personal sites at this definite second are lower than you’d think. Trust me, I’ve done the research and I’m sure of what I’m writing about. The chances of you standing out, ridiculously, is even higher if you’re Zimbabwean and most of your competition is Zimbabwean. Building this reach now will be immensely helpful later on in the future since you’re reaching people from different parts of the world. This obviously means more people, more different opportunities and connections. You do the math on how much this can be incredibly beneficial.

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  1. Van Lee Chigwada

    Wait. The title says Personal Site; but the article goes on about business and competition. Which witch is which?

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    Beautiful article. Loved it very much, am off to calmlock today. Keep up the good work

  3. Don

    MY sentiments exactly…. Business or personal site????

  4. Anonymous

    This helps a lot in convincing me on why this is terribly important nowadays. T o those confused about whether this is about business or personal, please keep in mind that some personal brands are a business, namely Pokello, Madam Boss, Beyonce etc. Why have a site that talks about your favorite color or what you had for lunch? Start a Vlog or Blog then.

  5. Website Designer

    Great article!