Econet’s Social Media & SMS Bundles Go Up Again: $3 For 75 SMS’

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Econet recently raised the prices for its data bundles and as is usually the case SMS bundles and social media bundles also saw price increments.

Your weekly SMS will now cost you the following:

  • $3 for 75 SMS’
  • $4 for 125 SMS’
  • $5 for 200 SMS’

This is a far cry from the pricing four months ago which would see a $1 net you 250 SMS’ and for $2 you got half a thousand SMS’. Staggering how inflation works.


At the time I argued that the SMS bundles could be a WhatsApp alternative and now it seems the $5 option is the only offering that could fill in for WhatsApp since that too has seen its bundles rise in pricing.

WhatsApp bundles

The bundles for your favourite messaging service have increased as well;

  • $4 WhatsApp (45MB) + Pinterest (25MB) + Sasai (45MB)
  • $5 WhatsApp (65MB) + Pinterest (32MB) + Sasai (65MB)
  • $10 WhatsApp (140MB) + Pinterest (70MB) + Sasai (140MB)
  • $18 WhatsApp (240MB) + Pinterest (120MB) + Sasai (240MB)
  • WhatsApp (400MB) + Pinterest (200MB) + Sasai (400MB)

Facebook Bundles

  • $4 Facebook (45MB) + SnapChat (25MB) + Sasai (45MB)
  • $10 Facebook (140MB) + SnapChat (70MB) + Sasai (140MB)
  • $ Facebook (400MB) + SnapChat (200MB) + Sasai (400MB)

I’ll resist the urge to rant about Snapchat’s laughable 25, 70 and 200MB allocations but I will say that Snapchat bundle shouldn’t exist. Opening the application once will exhaust the 200MB bundle. What’s the point?

Instagram bundles

I didn’t rant about Snapchat’s bundles because those are an add-on to Facebook’s bundle but I will say the Instagram bundles are a waste of time. Econet probably has the metrics that justify their existence but 45, and 140 MB are useless on Instagram an image and video-centric social network:

  • $4 Instagram (45MB) + Sasai (45MB)
  • $10 Instagram (140MB) + Sasai (140MB)
  • $ Instagram (400MB) + Sasai (400MB)

Twitter bundles

  • $4 Twitter (45MB) + LinkedIn (25MB) + Sasai (45MB)
  • $10 Twitter (140MB) + LinkedIn (70MB) + Sasai (140MB)
  • $28 Twitter (400) + LinkedIn (200MB) + Sasai (400MB)

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