Hwindi Now Makes It Possible To Order A Ride Via WhatsApp

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In these tough times, local business have got to adapt or otherwise they die. I even think that it’s a time where the full extent of an organisation’s creativeness (to adapt) comes to the fore. One company that seems to be knowing how essential it is to be creative is Hwindi.

The ride-hailing company is now making it possible for people to book a ride via WhatsApp. Owing to the increase in data prices, some folks are finding it hard to afford data- data which they use in the Hwindi app. Seeing that people are still using WhatsApp, Hwindi decided to make it possible for it’s customers to book rides through WhatsApp, a platform many Zimbabweans sacrifice to be on.

And the process of making a booking via WhatsApp is not even hard at all- I’m sure it’s so simple for everybody given how much we are acquainted with WhatsApp.

How to order a Hwindi ride via WhatsApp

  • Save this number :+1 (415) 649-4634 or click this link: http://wa.me/14156494634
  • Send Hi in WhatsApp to the number above (Omar, the bot ,only recognises local numbers- those that use WhatsApp accounts with a foreign numbers won’t be able to use the service)
  • Send an address of where you want to be picked- pick up point- (you have to open Google maps and pick a location that’s listed in Google maps e.g a shopping center or hospital near).
  • Send and an address of where of want to be dropped off- drop off point- (again you have to open Google and pick a location that’s listed in Google maps e.g at a police station or stadium near your)
  • Put the time and date to be picked for your ride (use the format prescribed by Hwindi’s WhatsApp bot)
  • Choose the vehicle you want to use
  • And lastly confirm your booking
  • Hwindi will send you a confirmation of your booking which looks like this

NB: you can’t use WhatsApp location so you need to type an address.

Visual illustration

You can watch the following video to see how you can order a ride with Hwindi via WhatsApp.

Things to note

Although you can successfully order a car using this service right now, it’s still being developed so you might bump into some hurdles when using it now.

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  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    A person can’t afford mobile data, but they can afford the Hwindi fares? Odd indeed.

    It’s just another booking option. I don’t think the reasoning supplied was their motivation though.

    1. Patrick Manyangadze

      Its not a matter of affording data versus affording a taxi. Taxi service is mostly “luxury” to many but in some cases its the only option. eg. When you have medical emergency, when running late, when there is no public transport. This can assist if you have no data but just whatsapp bundles.
      Affordability; right now Hwindi fares are the cheapest when you compare with traditional taxis and other ride sharing app. Hwindi is on ZWD6.00 per km while the rest are on ZWD6.50 and above.

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