How Is Hwindi Solving The Network Problems Threatening Their Internet-Based Business?

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Network instability has been affecting businesses and individuals alike. I recently caught up with Hwindi’s Business Development Executive Patrick Manyangadze who explained the problems they have been facing and how they are solving them.

Because ride-hailing apps are heavily reliant on network and location features if you’re in one of the areas affected by power cuts (which one’s aren’t at this point?) you’ll realise it’s nigh on impossible to hail a ride in the app.

Something that small could mean you’re out of business if you’re only reliant on the application and there’s no backup. Thankfully Hwindi has a call-in centre and a WhatsApp line which is now being used more than the application. Not necessarily the smartest option but business goes on:

Because of the network we are now relying on the call in and WhatsApp more than the app. WhatsApp is also cheaper

Recent shifts in the pricing of mobile data also mean that WhatsApp might become a necessity as every dollar saved will make a difference in converting customers.

At the time of writing, it seems Vaya doesn’t offer any similar options (both WhatsApp and Call-in) which give Hwindi an advantage as they can continue offering their service even when users are having network troubles.

Hwindi WhatsApp number – 0775494634

Call-in numbers – 0732494634/ 0713494634/ 0782494634


  1. Mandla Mataure

    Well done to them, its good to find quick solutions and not give up

  2. Gugu

    Love the service! Have used their services in Harare with great results.

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