Security Experts Warn iPhone Users About Bug That Exposes Their WhatsApp To Hackers


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WhatsApp is touted to be a secure instant messaging platform as it banks on end-to-end encryption. However, a recent report proves it wrong. Security experts have issued a warning to all iOS WhatsApp users after a bug that allows hackers to access WhatsApp chats has been detected.


Google’s Project Zero team says that the bug will affect iOS users if they visit a certain malicious website that is circulating on WhatsApp. When they visit the malicious website, hackers will then gain access to their photos, location and other sensitive information via WhatsApp chats.

How To Stay Safe

It is recommended that iOS users upgrade their devices to the latest update of iOS rolled out by Apple to keep security threats at bay. Also, users should ensure not to click any kind of suspicious emails that might redirect them to unknown or suspicious websites. This can be a ploy used by hackers to compromise devices.


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