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Send Original High Quality Videos On WhatsApp Using This Method (Without Compressing)

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You might have noticed that when you send a video on WhatsApp, the quality of the video is reduced and the video gradually becomes blurry when more and more people send it other recipients on WhatsApp. Why does that happen?

Well, before sending any video, WhatsApp compresses it so that it will take less time and bandwidth to upload it on it’s servers and get downloaded by the recipient. However, some people prefer quality over speed. Sometimes, the person whom you are sending the video may not want to compromise with the quality (or resolution) of the video.

So, here I’ve shared a simple workaround that can help you to send videos on WhatsApp without losing their quality.

Send videos on WhatsApp without losing quality

Normally you send videos on WhatsApp by attaching them from Gallery option in the chat. There is another way you can send them- by using the Document option. WhatsApp doesn’t compress or reduce quality to videos or photos when you send them as a document. Although, this option is for transferring documents files mainly (such as PDFs and DOCs), you can also send videos and other media files through this option. Follow this step-by-step guide:

1) Open WhatsApp on your phone.

2) Open the chat where you want to send the video.

3) Tap the attach button (paperclip icon) at the bottom-right corner of the screen and then click “Document”.

4) Next, click the “Browse other docs” option.

5) Now find the video you want to send without losing the original quality. Tap three parallel lines at the top-right corner, choose theVideos category, and there you will find all your videos.

6) When you click on the video, you will be asked to confirm if you want to send it. Simply, tap the “Send” button. That’s it.

Note: The maximum allowed file size that you can attach in the Document on WhatsApp is 100 MB. So you will not be able to send videos that have file size larger than this limit.

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10 thoughts on “Send Original High Quality Videos On WhatsApp Using This Method (Without Compressing)

  1. Why do I not have the “browse other docs” option when I click on documents? I’m using an iPhone XS Max. And don’t have that option so I can’t find any “non document” files in the documents section. Please help! Thanks

    1. I didn’t have a “browse other docs” option either, so I went to the video itself and saved it as a document (iPhone Photos app > share > save to files)

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