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Fans Launch Petition To Stop DStv From Removing 3 Popular Channels

Fans of 3 channels that are going to be removed from Dstv’s platform on the 1st of November have started a petition against the company. At the time of writing the petition filed on already has 5756 signees.

Over a week ago DStv told it’s subscribers that three channels; History, Crime +Investigation and Lifetime channels will not be available from 1 November when it’s contract with A+E Networks, owners of the three channels, ends.

Even though DStv said they will introduce new channels which will offer the same programmes offered by the three channels, subscribers are not cool with those replacements-they just want their same old History, Crime +Investigation and Lifetime channels. The petition accuses DStv of just caring about profits and not the shows that subscribers want. The petition read:

DStv have decided to remove The History, Crime & Investigation amd Lifetime Channels off their platform from 1 November 2019. These are amazing channels and very loved by SA DStv community. This decision is illogical and clearly shows they (DStv) only worry about their profits and not quality of shows for their customers.

The petition goes on to say that A+E Network if creating employment with it’s channels so it’s cruel of DStv to remove the channels as some folks will go out of jobs.

Imagine DStv without these….. Further to this, A+E Networks has amazing local productions and many more coming. They have also opened up an African office which is growing and creating local employment, this will ALL come to an end if these channels are cut.

I urge you to show your support for A+E Networks in terms of their channels and their contribution to our Country.

If you want to join the petition, follow this link.

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11 thoughts on “Fans Launch Petition To Stop DStv From Removing 3 Popular Channels

  1. I think this is due to the fact that multichoice is greedy and the have no competition. The think thecan just manipulate their costumers.i had to drop 4 premium decoders

  2. We have signed a contract with DSTV for those specific channels and know they want to change is this not bridge of contract

    1. Which channels do you want to remove now? You removed my best which used to air wrestling…am a very safe viewer of DSTV now…..

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