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How To Sign Up For ZESA’S Online Portal

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ZESA has a pretty comprehensive Self-Service portal but the only problem is the fact that ZESA hasn’t educated consumers on how to use the thing!

After signing up for the portal I realised it’s really useful and contains information and functions such as:

  • Token purchase trend from 2014
  • A service statement with all electricity purchases dating back to 2016
  • List of all purchased tokens
  • Unit calculator
  • Purchase electricity tokens

Information such as the token purchase trend will allow you to take note of the month you spent more on electricity i.e used more power.

Anyway, I recently noticed that many people simply don’t know that this portal exists and to sign up you simply need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Register to create an account
  3. Select account type (Postpaid/Prepaid)
  4. Enter your metre number
  5. Enter the token number from your most recent token purchase
  6. Enter the amount from your most recent token purchase
  7. Enter your personal details and security details for the account you’re creating

That’s all, after creating the account you’ll be able to access the aforementioned functions and information available to self-service users

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21 thoughts on “How To Sign Up For ZESA’S Online Portal

  1. Try and register if you have a postpaid account. It’s easier to pull out your teeth with a pliers than get it to register your acct.

    1. Request for LAST BILL to register for post paid service renders the registration impossible – error message keeps popping up no matter what you enter in this field. Worst case ZETDC has stopped billing!!! The field is irrelevant after submitting Account No

  2. Kindly also take us through the steps on how to make a purchase, i registered my account on the night it was announced, have been hearing this talk on how you can buy from the portal. Up to now i havent found the actual menu. Kindly assist.

  3. You might be lying on token purchase, please verify facts. From customer portal side there on functionality to purchase tokens

    1. I had that problem until I bought a the minimum amount for a token and used that. Thought the problem was isolated. That’s pretty bad design

  4. I managed to register successfully but I forgot to take down my login credentials. I forgot both my username and password? How do can I retrieve my username again?

  5. I have just topped up my ZESA by ZWL149.06 after initialy purchasing for ZWL50, total of ZWL199.06. This has given me 199.50 units. It’s the next level that is shaking me. It looks like the 201-300units band has been removed by ZESA quietly. With the 201-300units band applying, ZWL510 would give me 300 units. Not so now, after calculating with the ZESA token calculator, I have found that the any units above 200 will cost ZWL4.58 per unit (tax included). My stomach is tinning. Too much soda in the relish.

  6. I have not been getting a bill for the past 6 or so months so where do I get the details to complete the registration

  7. My post paid account number is 1267776. I have not been getting a bill for more than 6 months so we’re do I get the details to complete the process of registration.

  8. Hi my( landlord’s) old meter got disfunctional and we bought a new one with a new meter number. However we are failing to purcharse electricity for the new meter and we suferring huge losses due to that. Where can we get assistance cause the zesa guys are saying ghey have registered the meter yet each time I try and buy a token the meter number is not recognized.
    On top of that i had bought a token for the old meter and the zesa guys told us to forward the token so that they may have it credited to the new meter..something like question now os..if the meter has been registered why then are are rhey failing to top up or credit that token to the new meter..we have gone 2 days without electricity now due to the fact that electricitycant be bought because the meter number is not recocgnized.

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