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This App By The Ministry Of Education Trains Teachers To Use ICT For Learning

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Whilst browsing the Ministry of Education’s website, I came across an interesting application called ICT Essentials. Whilst the application certainly isn’t new (last updated in June 2018) it was my first time coming across it and I found it interesting.

Upon downloading it I realised the application is supposed to help teachers who want to use ICT for teaching/learning to do so effectively:

This app is aimed at in service teachers as well as student teachers who wish to enhance their competences in using ICT for teaching and learning. The app can also be used by teacher trainers (who may be giving the training to a cohort of teachers) to guide workshops / lectures on relevant topics which they may find necessary.

ICT Essentials app description

The above coupled with the fact that the app was developed by the same developers who made the ZiFM app and a number of other popular apps, I thought I would look at the app briefly and see what it offers.

What do teachers stand to learn?

The course in the application is divided into the following units:

  • Unit 1: Demonstrate the use of common hardware
  • Unit 2: Demonstrate the ability to perform basic troubleshooting
  • Unit 3: Describe the functions of the internet in the teaching and learning process and demonstrate a capability to use the internet
  • Unit 4.1: Explain basic ICT concepts, use and demonstrate the use of Microsoft word
  • Unit 4.2: Understand presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint and be able to create a presentation using this tool.
  • Unit 4.3: Use ICT to support class administration through the keeping of a digital class record system using a spreadsheet package.
  • Unit 5: Demonstrate the capability of using the internet including e-mail, search, and social media functions in classwork.
  • Unit 6: Integrate ICT into the learning environment and manage the use of supplementary ICT resources with individuals and small groups
  • Unit 7: Incorporate the use of ICT into learning and teaching processes so as to support acquisition of learning area content and skills.
  • Unit 8: Manage the learners’ project-based learning (PBL) activities in a technology-enhanced environment to support collaboration.
  • Unit 9: Demonstrate how various ICT can be used to support the teaching of the curriculum.
  • Unit 10: Demonstrate how various ICT can be used to support the teaching of the curriculum and be used to improve assessment
  • Unit 11: Demonstrate how existing and planned national policies related to ICT impact classroom practices and vice versa.
  • Unit 12: Locate and use resources that help to provide professional development opportunities.

Browsing through the course content it seems there is a lot of valuable information and the Ministry of Education should be commended for making this information available to teachers for free. A lot more could’ve been done to spread awareness of this vital resource which can teach computer literacy to thousands of teachers in need of it.

The application doesn’t need an internet connection and comes in at 27 MB which I think is fair considering the amount of information in the application…

Download the ICT Essentials app on Google Play

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