[Report] Devcentre’s State Of Code Jobs Shares Interesting Insights On Nigerian Tech Industry

Devcentre has published its annual State of Code Jobs report which showcases “software development trends” in Nigeria. The report pulls data from over 3000 job postings on Gigson and is meant to help developers understand what employers want.

Going through some of the highlights of the report was fascinating and I felt though the report doesn’t cover Zim, it would still be valuable to share some of those highlights and interesting observations from the report:

  • Backend Devs in high demand – 31% of software developer jobs on Gigson asked for back-end developers. Front-end and full-stack developers constituted 24% and 20% respectively.
  • Mobile developers made up 22% whilst internships and developers performing multiple roles combined for 3% of job postings.
  • Remote work is still in its infancy with only 9% of remote job postings. The report cites electricity outages and lack of stable internet connection as the reason why being on-premise is still a priority. Some employers do provide “remote days” for employers
  • 19% of all jobs posted were contract roles. Devcentre expects that more of these roles will continue to pop up as software development grows in Nigeria
  • 91% of jobs were based in Lagos. The report also claims that around 95% of startup funding has gone to Lagos and therefore it’s no surprise that the jobs are following the funding
  • Mid-level developers make up 63% of job postings followed by Senior Developers (27%) whilst junior developers only make up 10%.
  • Data suggests there’s no type of developer that earns more based on their set alone:
  • Designer jobs went from being obscure to making up 12% of the job postings. Devcentre attributes this to tech companies becoming “design and empathy-led, building their solutions around the needs of the user”

If you’re interested in getting the report you can download it here


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