WhatsApp Call Waiting Is Now Available On Android


If you’ve ever received a WhatsApp call whilst on another WhatsApp call you’ll know that it’s an irritating experience in so many ways. Firstly the call just initiates and rings and then pops up as a missed call. If you’re using dual WhatsApp on one phone you were actually able to answer the call and be on two WhatsApp calls simultaneously… Irritating!


Anyway, WhatsApp realised how weird this is and has decided to roll out an update addressing half of the issue. The latest call waiting functionality allows you to receive the alert in the middle of the call as well as an option to disconnect the existing call and talk with the next caller. Alternatively, you can also choose to ignore the new caller.

If you update to the latest version of WhatsApp you should have the new feature but for iPhone users, the feature had been available for a number of weeks now.


Unfortunately the second issue – that of being able to answer two calls simultaneously if you’re using dual WhatsApp isn’t addressed since WhatsApp doesn’t necessarily make their apps with the idea of having two accounts on one phone in mind.

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