US Tells Britain If You Let Huawei In, We Are Out

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The United States wants to use Britain’s anxiety regarding post-Brexit trade partnerships as a way to influence the country to cut ties with telecoms company Huawei.

The telecommunications company which Britain allowed to be part of their 5G network roll-out, is accused of being unsafe by the USA and with US Secretary of State suggesting that UK’s sovereignty is at risk.

Furthermore, the President of the United States of America Donald Trump warned UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson of serious consequences.

Trump says giving Huawei access to spectrum will jeopardise intelligence sharing between the UK and America and expectation is that Britain’s ultimate decision expected tomorrow will impact trade negotiations post-Brexit – something that Britain will be anxious about since they’ll be looking for new trade partners since their trade deals within the EU will be nullified at the end of year.

The company’s actions show a clear record of predatory and problematic behavior. [It is] in the best interest of the United Kingdom, the US-UK special relationship, and the health and wellbeing of a well-functioning market for 5G technologies to exclude Huawei.

Letter from 3 Republic Senators to Britain’s National Security Council

United State’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin actually went as far as saying if Britain shuts Huawei out they’ll “dedicate a lot of resources” to getting a trade deal done.

Britain finds itself between a rock and a hard place with China having also threatened that if Huawei is banned from the 5G rollout there will be consequences on British-Chinese trade going forward.

From a financial point, telecoms company want Huawei to be part of the 5G rollout since they offer cheaper equipment. Ultimately if Huawei is banned from the network there will be a delay in the 5G rollout.

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