TelOne’s LTE Service Gets Price Hike

TelOne has announced that their LTE-reliant Blaze service will is getting a price bump with

The revised TelOne Blaze tariffs increase are shown in the table below:

PackageData ValueOld RTGS$ Price PriceNew RTGS$ Price
Blaze lite8GB$54$108
Blaze extra15GB$82$145
Blaze Boost20GB$102$179
Blaze Ultra40GB$165$289
Blaze TrailBlazer100GB$248$435
Blaze UnlimitedUnlimited$289$855

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3 thoughts on “TelOne’s LTE Service Gets Price Hike

  1. Why would Blaze have competitive prices, faster speeds with more gigs than Telone with speeds of 3mbps for zw292 with only 30 gigs? Doesn’t make sense! All fibre connections should have a min of 5mbps not 3mbps.

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