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Government’s Portal For Company Registrations Down

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It seems the government’s portal for company registration and name search – ZimConnect – is not working properly.

A number of consultants who use the portal to perform company name searches and registrations have complained that they have been failing to complete the registration process because the payment portal is down.

It seems the issue has been present on the site for close to a month now and the prolonged downtime has led to calls by some for the government to revert to physical registration since it is taking so long to actually get the registration process done and there’s no alternative at the moment.

Some consultants have suggested that the issues with the portal are coming about because the government is failing to pay Paynow for providing the payment platform.

This speculation seemed a bit strange to us because the way Paynow normally works is they take their cut whenever they process a transaction – so unless they had a different arrangement with the government one would assume they were getting their dough all along.

We got in touch with Paynow representatives to understand how true this is and they confirmed our suspicions that the government does not owe them anything – neither are they at fault for the downtime.

We will continue investigating what the actual issue is and update when we have more information.

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4 thoughts on “Government’s Portal For Company Registrations Down

  1. Never mind it being down, what blows my mind is that such a service even exists! Colour me impressed. Can you complete the entire process online?

    Anyway, maybe its time for a techzim review series of governments’ citizen facing online services. I think it would be highly educational.

    1. For the mean time it’s only namesearch done online. The rest of the process is still manual. We hope soon the whole process will be done online.

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