Byo Chiefs FC launch online merch store. The kings of Zim twitter keep pushing on

Valentine Muhamba Avatar

Bulawayo Chiefs FC have launched an online merch store. The undisputed Twitter champions of local football tweeted yesterday:

This local social media sensation has done what most clubs in the PSL have been unable to do. They have made themselves into social media brand that goes beyond the city of Bulawayo to becoming national treasure.

Maximising on their nearly 33 thousand followers on Twitter to make replica jerseys and other attire available to the public. This is something that local clubs would do well to emulate. It is easy to spot replica sport’s jerseys of international teams in different sports on the streets. But rarely do I ever see local teams as well represented as English Premier League teams.

This is a fantastic move that will allow fans and followers of the club to directly support the team financially.

What’s your take?

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