ZESA Gets Approval For New Tariffs, Electricity is Cheaper…

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The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority has revised its tariff structure and has announced the following with effect from the 11th of June.

The New Tariff

Consumption Bands kWhPrice ZWL$
First 500.49
51 – 2001.08
201 – 3002.94

The Old Tarriff

Consumption Bands kWhPrice ZWL$
First 500.49
51 – 2001.08

Zesa has added a fourth band pricing Units from 201 to 300 kWh at ZWL$2.94 and Units over 300 now priced at ZWL$4.61.

This makes electricity cheaper because with the old tariff structure we were charged ZWL$4.61 from 200 Units onwards.


What’s your take?

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  1. Anonymous


  2. Menelik

    Thank you ZESA. Only good news for my budget this year.

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you

  4. Anonymous

    Wonderful thank you matisungura

  5. Anonymous

    Very thankful indeed, we are going through a tough bitter winter, snow in some areas, so glad ZESA has revised their tariffs, householders can now afford to up their usage as 200 units were far too little. 🙏

  6. grace

    Uh sure better now, a standard household requires 300 units, which is affordable now

  7. Beauty

    Hie so for 250 Rtgs how many units do I get

  8. Anonymous

    Thank you zesa

    1. Anonymous

      Don’t forget the around 5% for REA I’m guess that’s Rural electrification something….

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