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ZETDC releases new tariffs, a slight increase in prices

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has released new tariffs for electricity. They have, like most establishments, increased their prices.

Old prices

Consumption Bands kWhPrice (ZWL$)
First 500.49
51 – 2001.08
201 – 3002.94

New Prices

Consumption Band in kWhPrice per kWh (ZWL$)Total Price as a first purchase for the month (ZWL$)
0 – 50 0.5226.00
51 – 2001.14172.00
201 – 3003.12312.00
301 upwards4.88

ZETDC announced a new monthly charge for 300 kWh, pegged at ZWL$510.00. This charge only applies if you pay for the 300 kWh in bulk at the first purchase of a new month. The video that ZESA release was a little misleading and this is just in fact a price increase under the old conditions.

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5 thoughts on “ZETDC releases new tariffs, a slight increase in prices

  1. Where were you guys? This happened on 12 June and you are reporting it today as if it is something new?

  2. There is no increment as such, but rather they have given amounts including 6% Rural Electricity Levy for easy caluclations.

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