POTRAZ increases voice & data tariffs, they say operators costs increased by 219%

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POTRAZ recently published a regulatory circular on tariff adjustments for mobile network operators (MNOs). In the circular, they explain that the pricing of tariffs would be increasing to better reflect the increase that telecoms company have incurred for most of the year.

POTRAZ says the pricing model for bundles, voice and SMS that was being used by MNOs for so far in 2020 wasn’t taking into account the costs for operators and was only taking into account the US$ exchange rate. The new tariffs that reflect these costs are as follows;

ServiceCurrent tariffNew tariff
On-Net calls per minute3.385.02
Off-net calls origination per minute2.313.43
Interconnection per minute0.951.42
SMS per message0.871.29
USSD per session0.871.29
Data per megabyte0.660.99
International call origination per minute2.483.69
Fixed tarrifs
Fixed on net calls per minute2.143.17
Fixed National call origination per minute1.532.27
Fixed international call origination per minute1.592.36
2Mbits leased line (per month)22 613.8433 615.00
10Mbits leased line (per month)23 333.8434 685.26
FTTH (Data per MB)0.040.06
64Kbits leased lines (per month)3 512.645 221.46

These are the tariffs before taxes meaning the final price consumers will pay for the services listed above will actually be higher than what is listed in the table above.


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