Fanset International, another local player in vehicle fleet management

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The vehicle tracking and fleet management industry is a lot more populated than I initially thought. Following the launch of TelOne’s Teltrack, we were made aware of Dandemutande’s fleet management service. There is also another player in the fleet management space called Fanset International. A representative from the company reached out and gave us insight into the company and the services they offer.

Fanset International started operations in 2016 focusing initially on fuel monitoring. Although the company was first launched in Zambia, Fanset is a wholly-owned Zimbabwean company and launched its operations in locally in 2017. The company has also spread its operations across Africa and has a presence in South Africa, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda and Ghana.

Fanset Services

Fleet management

Fanset offers a comprehensive fleet management solution through their FanTrack brand. The service covers:

  • Advanced fuel monitoring, which is the company’s flagship solution. The service is available for fuel tankers as well as fuel stored in bulk.
  • Haulage vehicle trailer tracking
  • Vehicle camera surveillance which captures video and photos in real-time and is coupled with artificial intelligence and facial recognition. The surveillance system on top of the security element also helps operators assess driver fatigue and driver distraction
  • Temperature monitoring for refrigerated trucks and containers.

The fleet management service also includes a feature called Eco-Index. This is a service log of a vehicle that tracks recurring maintenance issues, the performance of the vehicle based on the manufacturer of the make and model.

Usage-Based Insurance

Similar to TelTrack, Fanset offers telematics insurance which is sometimes referred to as “pay as you drive”, “pay how you drive” or as Fanset calls it Usage-Based Insurance (UBI).

UBI was a product that Fanset had in development since 2018. The company offers both hardware and software for their UBI. Fanset’s UBI platform determines the following:

  • Driver scoring, which analyses the driver behaviour through braking, acceleration, cornering and driving speed. The driver scoring also takes into account external factors like weather, road types and traffic. (External factors are gathered through API integrations with vendors like Tomtom and Accu Weather)
  • Accident Notification, this feature promptly notifies the insurance company officer or fleet manager if an accident occurs.
  • Vehicle Damage Map eliminates fraudulent claims by assessing and compare damaged parts of a vehicle’s according to the driver’s claims.
  • Accident Reconstruction is a tool that gives a 30-second reconstruction of an accident. This feature also measures the magnitude and direction of the impact and can be cycled through frame by frame.
  • Insurance Portfolio Analysis is an instrument that is used to rank and classify the insurance portfolio using the driver’s behaviour.

The UBI also assesses a driver’s probability of being involved in an accident through information gathered about the driver’s behaviour behind the wheel.

The driver score parameters are aspects that I found interesting. It gives a company the data they need to standardise driver behaviour. This as well helps in maintaining the life span of the vehicle and its components.

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