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TelOne’s car tracking service Teltrack launch event

TelOne Teltrack

TelOne has officially launched its vehicle tracking service Teltrack. At an event that was attended by representatives from the Ministry of ICT, Car Track, Zimoco, the Truckers Association of Zimbabwe and the press. The event shed more light on what Teltrack is about and what it does.


Teltrack is a service that is using technologies developed by Car Track. The devices and technologies are already in use, in 20 countries and by 700 000 clients on the continent. Teltrack has supposedly already been deployed by some government agencies namely the CMED and will be installed on other government vehicles.

TelOne’s Teltrack offers fleet management and individual tracking services for vehicles, haulage trucks, earthmoving equipment, farm machinery and more.

Teltrack features:

  • Fleet management, for government, corporate and individual use.
  • Vehicle recovery, which is backed by Car Track’s 91% recovery record.
  • Realtime vehicle tracking and monitoring.
  • Fleet geofencing, the use of GPS to mark out a boundary of activity for a vehicle.
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Realtime runtime measurement of vehicles.
  • Vehicle life cycle management as well as vehicle servicing scheduling
  • Route history playback (which can be done through video camera onboard)
  • Vehicle statistics and reports
  • Vehicle towing and highway support.
  • Driver behaviour monitoring.
  • 24-hour support

Teltrack has a mobile app and desktop support. The mobile application will give users realtime notifications and access to an archived history. Teltrack’s operations will be monitored and controlled from TelOne’s Network Operations Center. The service is also said to be in partnership with a number of security and rapid response companies. The launch of Teltrack was also accompanied by the launch of Telematics Insurance.

Telematics Insurance

Insurance through Telematics is said to be tailored to individual vehicles in relation to the driver or operator using the vehicle. The service will offer insurance rates for vehicles which will depend on the use and driving behaviour of the operator.

You can watch the full launch event with the link here.

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