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The US shoots down 4 strange flying objects in 6 days, suspected to be Chinese spying objects

What is going on on this planet of ours? The developed nations seem hell-bent on starting World War 3. The Russia-Ukraine situation persists and every day you get the feeling we are one bruised ego away from the whole thing descending into nuclear warfare. Whilst we had that going on, China and the US started […]

Xiaomi 360 home security camera review. A lot of tech for the money

This is a Xiaomi 360° Home Security Camera 2K and as you may have guessed, it’s a smart camera. It doesn’t come with much in the box, just the camera itself, the wall mount kit, and the power cable. Setup Setting it up was pretty simple. You make sure you have the Mi Home app […]

Aruba HPE and Solution Centre partner up for one of the safest IT solutions on the market

So IT is in an exciting phase right now. When we look at the transition of a lot of businesses from paper-based systems to digital systems you’ll see a lot is going on in that space. And as soon as data goes digital, we start to get networks that enable us to access and use […]

Apple is building a lockdown mode to protect users from govt spyware attacks

Apple has announced that it is working on a lockdown mode that is aimed at protecting high-risk users like journalists and political activists from government spyware attacks. The measure is to counter government-grade spyware from makers like NSO Group, Candiru and Cytrox who have built programs that manoeuvre around a device’s security protections in order […]

Kaspersky finds cybersecurity backdoor targetting African govts & NGOs

Kaspersky experts have brought to light a poorly detected SessionManager backdoor that was set up as a malicious module within the Internet Information Services (IIS), a popular web server edited by Microsoft. Once propagated, SessionManager enables a wide range of malicious activities, starting from collecting emails to complete control over the victim’s infrastructure. First leveraged […]

The sex tape link Facebook hackers have hit Zim, here’s how to secure your account

The Facebook hacks are out of control, over the weekend two people I friended had their accounts hacked and they both had the same sex tape line from some “IG model”. I don’t them very well but it was suspicious that both had the same link tagging 98 other people they knew. This, at least […]

SA’s Shoprite attacked by ransomware gang in 3 countries

Last week, one of Africa’s biggest retailers, Shoprite, was the victim of a ransomware cyberattack. According to a report by TechCrunch, a group called RansomHouse has claimed responsibility for the attack which compromised customer data in Zambia, Namibia and Eswatini (formerly Swaziland). A ransomware attack is that which holds a user’s information hostage, through encryption, […]

Here’s your citizen’s guide to the Cyber Security & Data Protection Act

The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Zimbabwe has today unveiled a guide to the Cyber Security and Data Protection Act. This outline is there so that ordinary Zimbabweans will be able to understand what the new act entails. This Guide intends to assist ordinary citizens, data protection advocates, human rights advocates, media organisations and […]

Digital rights and inclusion forum calls for more digital transparency & protection across Africa

While many governments in Africa have made welcome progress toward digital transformation in the last year, more work needs to be done towards offering transparency, digital inclusion, and the protection of digital rights to citizens across the continent. This was the main finding of the Londa report, launched recently at the Digital Rights and Inclusion […]

EcoCash upgrades security, enhancing customer data protection & privacy

EcoCash, Zimbabwe’s leading mobile money platform, has introduced additional security enhancements to its platform to beef up customer data privacy and strengthen the system’s security. The measures announced by the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Munyaradzi Nhamo today, include protecting the customer’s identity by ensuring that when making merchant payments in shops or paying bills at […]

You can now delete last 15 minutes of Google history on Android with one tap

Listen, there is no judgement. We don’t need to know about those search results you want to wipe off the face of the earth. It’s no one’s business that you searched ‘how to clone your partner’s WhatsApp.’ Or that you went into the weeds after that search, looking into prenups, breach of promise to marry […]

“95% of cybersecurity breaches are traced to human error” – World Economic Forum

A security system is as strong as its weakest link: and in Information Security, that link is the human factor. Employees present an elevated risk for corporations’ information resources. According to the 2022 World Economic Forum Global Risks Report, about 95% of cyber-attacks can be traced back to human negligence or human-based attacks such as […]

ZRP lashes out at a parody Twitter account

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has issued a statement lashing out at a lookalike Twitter account that goes by the handle @PoliceZimb. ZRP’s statement reads as follows: ZRP PRESS STATEMENT 26 JANUARY 2022 FAKE TWITTER ACCOUNT IN THE NAME OF ZRP The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) dismisses a twitter handle dubbed “Zimbabwe Republic Police (@PoliceZimb)” […]

Please uninstall FM WhatsApp right now, and consider ditching GB WhatsApp too

I know the WhatsApp situation sucks. The official application is adequate, rocking a pleasing design with a beautiful dark mode. However, the fact remains that the official app is often slow to add exciting features – for example, to this day the disappearing messages feature is severely limited. I do not know why the WhatsApp […]

123456 and other weak passwords of 2021, surely we can do better

Several security researchers have released their findings on the most common passwords of 2021. It appears that the message is not getting through because the same weakest of the weak passwords are still the most common.  Just to make it clear just how terrible they are, Nordpass has gone further and included the time it […]

MacOS high-severity vulnerability allows attackers to take over computer

An independent security researcher found a bug in Apple’s MacOS that allows attackers to run commands remotely. This zero-day vulnerability affects all MacOS versions including the latest Big Sur. SSD Secure Disclosure to whom the bug was reported explained how it works: A vulnerability in macOS Finder allows files whose extension is inetloc to execute […]

Are you sure you’re not vulnerable if your phone is stolen?

I was overcome with sympathy when I heard that Kaitano Tembo’s phone was stolen. I’ve had a phone stolen before, how I loved that Galaxy S (1). However, my thief was not as cruel as Tembo’s. The thieves that stole his phone have been soliciting money from his contacts. They have been sending messages posing […]

Pensioners will only get benefits if they undergo biometric registration

The Registrar General’s Office has been instructed to capture the biometric data of pensioners according to a report by New Zimbabwe. This initiative was recommended by the Public Services Commission of Zimbabwe (PSC) and is aimed at fighting corruption in the pension system. This announcement is hardly surprising because the government has for some time […]

There is a naughty malware that’s blocking people from visiting torrent sites

Malware software programs are often known as viruses for good reason. In most cases the virus once it gets on your computer or any other devices proceeds to wreak havoc. Some payloads are created just to create chaos including trashing/deleting files or they could be crafty and for self-gain as we see in ransomware that […]

The company POTRAZ got for call monitoring; here are similar deals it made in the past

Earlier this year the government ordered the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (POTRAZ) to install a call monitoring system or Telecommunications Traffic Monitoring System (TTMS). The pretext or reason for this move was revenue assurance to keep mobile network operators (MNOs) honest. Now, as far as we know there is no reason for this because […]

ZIMRA names fraudster extorting money while posing as an official

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has warned the public of a fraudster who is extorting money from people while purporting to be a ZIMRA official. ZIMRA’s statement reads as follows: PUBLIC NOTICE: FRAUDUSTER POSING AS A ZIMRA OFFICIAL ON THE LOOSE The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) wishes to advise its valued clients, members of staff […]

How to protect yourself from Bitcoin scams

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Unamanned Aerial Systems vs Smugglers

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