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Forex Auction results, Zim dollar nudges up slightly. Rate at 81.4965

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, RBZ, deposit incentives, banks cash

Forex auction results for 22 of September 2020 are in and the Zim dollar has continued it’s “upward” trend. The weighted average this week has made a small improvement from ZWL$81.7076 last week to ZWL$81.4965 this week.

Full Forex Auction Results 22 September 2020 are as follows:

SME Auction #8Main Auction #14
Amount AllottedUS$1 224 857.29US$30 414 189.63
The Highest Rate86.000086.7000
The Lowest Rate78.000078.0000
Lowest Accepted Rate78.000078.0000
Total Bids AcceptedUS$1 224 857.29US$30 414 189.63
Number of Bids Received117301
Number of Bids Disqualified2235

Forex Auction Weighted Average Rate: ZWL$81.4965

PURPOSEAmount Allotted SME Auction (US$)Amount Allotted Main Auction (US$)
Raw Materials376 244.2113 561 794.59
Machinery and Equipment210 272.025 726 110.84
Consumables (incl Spare, Tyres, Electricals)228 453.112 737 206.45
Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals62 527.001 522 098.10
Services (Loans, Dividends, Disinvestments, etc)118 470.392 418 570.33
Retail and Distribution (Incl. Food, Beverages, etc)187 532.302 344 658.71
Fuel, Electricity and Gas39 000.001 656 886.95
Paper and Packaging11 358.29446 863.66
Total1 224 857.2930 414 189.63
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe

Grand Total US$31 639 046.92

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