You can now buy ZESA tokens on credit using EcoCash

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EcoCash recently made it possible to buy ZESA tokens on credit. By simpling dialling *179# you can access the new service.

You can get ZESA tokens on credit valued at ZW$50 using the service and you’ll back at 26% interest. This means you’ll pay back ZW$63 bucks for your ZW$50 token. The interest seems a bit steep but if we’re being fair ZW$13 isn’t much these days.

The service seems to be down at the moment

PS: Interestingly, if you have more than ZW$10 worth of airtime in your phone, you cannot buy your ZESA on credit.

If you also have unpaid airtime credit then yo’re out of luck. No token on credit for you.

How to buy ZESA on credit?

  • Dial *179#
  • Select ZESA on credit
  • If you don’t qualify you will get an error to that effect
  • If you qualify to proceed to enter your meter number
  • You will be given a token worth ZW$50

This will obviously come in handy when you run out of electricity and you need to buy a token but you have no money in your wallet. The assumption right now is that the upper limit will not be extremely high either as this is most probably meant to be a stop gap measure to ensure you’re not stranded in the dark.



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  1. The Principal

    Nobody on Techzim needs this service. 50 cents credit kkkkkkkk.

  2. Edgar

    Good day.
    I bought my Zesa token and received the token. The problem is when I recharge it on my prepaid meter, it’s not crediting my account

  3. Nyamvura

    I bought my token last night using EcoCash the only message I received was for deduction and no token until now

  4. Darren

    I bought a zesa token via ecocash, tried to view it as usual but failing,how can I retrieve it as I mistakenly deleted the text I received

  5. Peter Lloyd

    I have not received my token for my zesa payment. X4Acg0m3vuFWAfzHvyFG

  6. Maxwell Maradzika

    I just bought zesa now via ecocash and am still waiting for my token.

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