Lafarge’s building supply outlet Binastore now has an online store

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Binastore LaFarge

Lafarge, the makers and supplier of cement, aggregates and dry mortar mixes also has a retail store. The shop called Binastore is in line with LaFarge’s core business of construction. The building supply outlet now has an online store.

Binastore categories

Binastore is, of course, offering the same products that the physical store is offering.

However, looking at the payment options available (Visa and Mastercard), it looks like Binastore’s online platform may be targetting those in the diaspora. This is, of course, an assumption on my part, forex payments options aren’t only reserved for those abroad. Anyone with the accounts to do so locally will be able to purchase from the store.

Binastore like all the other building supply stores offers site delivery. Halsteds, for example, has fees depending on the load size of your purchase and the vehicle that will be required to move the load. On Bhola’s website, it says that you get delivery for purchases over US$50.00. Binastore, in a Facebook post, said that they have partnered with Vaya as a delivery partner. The offer will most likely extend to those who are shopping online, the post, however, didn’t mention a fee or if there was a purchase threshold for deliveries.

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  1. Khulumani

    Both sites do not have many products. Some of the pages do not work and I am sure you will have to call them to get assistance. They need to look at how South Africans do it and simply paste it.

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