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WhatsApp Web to add voice/video calling feature

WhatsApp QR Code Scanning for Web version
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Whatsapp Web is a pretty nifty companion application for WhatsApp that allows users to continue accessing the messaging application whilst putting their phones down for once.

An upcoming feature unearther by WhatsApp BetaInfo (an infamous leaker) points to WhatsApp making the Web application more useful in work situations by making it possible to receive and make voice and video calls on WhatsApp Web.

Users will be able to use WhatsApp for voice and video calls even in group formats as well. Whilst this will certainly make WhatsApp more competitive against the likes of Zoom or Teams, the fact that there is an 8 person call limit will mean it’s simply not as useful as those.


In the context of social videos with family and friends however this will certainly be a preferred option for some since most people will not want to fiddle with Zoom and it’s passwords or links.

Either way this a great update and when you consider that WhatsApp is working on allowing people to run accounts on two different devices it’s not much of a surprise that the calling feature is coming to WhatsApp Web.

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a month ago

This is an awesome update which was long overdue lol. And running accounts on 2 devices, pretty awesome as well 🙂

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