Soon you’ll be able to use one WhatsApp account on as many as 4 devices!

Talk about overkill! WhatsApp has been working on multiple-device support for a while now. At the moment it isn’t possible to use WhatsApp on multiple devices (WhatsApp Web doesn’t count because it’s directly connected to your phone).

WhatsApp Beta Info a leaker who usually previews what WhatsApp is working on before it is announced recently shared that the feature is being worked on and the WhatsApp team is currently working on making it possible to sync chats across different devices.

“In this case, WhatsApp Desktop was used for the test, but it will work on a second mobile device too, but it’s really possible that WhatsApp will allow mobile devices to be connected to your main device later than WhatsApp Desktop. Note that, using this feature, an Internet connection on your device will no longer be needed to use WhatsApp Desktop.” – WAbetainfo

In terms of use cases, this will definitely come in handy in many ways. I for one will no longer have to worry about my phone getting stolen when I go out – something which has happened to me on a worrying number of occasions. With this feature, I’ll be able to continue using my WhatsApp on a cheaper device and leave the more expensive phone at home.


Beyond that there will be many other use cases and for small businesses that interact with customers via WhatsApp they’ll be able to dedicate one number to 4 different customer support agents – which is less confusing for customers who had to save multiple support numbers. I also assume Customer support agents will be able to respond faster if one number is tied to 4 different devices.

But yeah, hypothetical use cases aside, the feature is long overdue and WhatsApp is notorious for super long development cycles which means this feature could be far from actually being rolled out. They are working on it though…

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