Is Oppo’s rollable concept poised to depose foldable smartphones?

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Oppo's concept smartphone

Oppo is clearly thinking lightyears ahead of everyone else in the smartphone game. At INNO Day 2020, the smartphone maker debuted a concept that looks like it was plucked out of a sci-fi film. The device which is called the Oppo X 2021 rollable concept is unlike anything on the market. Oppo’s concept has a variable display that measures 6.7 inches at it’s smallest and can grow as large as 7.4 inches and the software interface to adapt to the changes in size.

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The expanding screen is made possible by the company’s custom Roll Motors. The system consists of two drive motors built into the device that generate a constant force output that is used to retract and extend the display.

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According to Oppo the team that worked on this device worked tirelessly to ensure that there were zero creases.

Will Oppo’s concept drive out foldable smatphone

Oppo’s concept addresses the same need that foldable smartphones do and that’s screen real estate. There are people who want a phone with a large display that can be made compact. Foldable smartphones address this but, I think, not in the most practical way.

What I mean by this is that folding the phone doesn’t make it all that compact. It is still pretty girthy and I can’t imagine it fits all too well in pockets. This new design by Oppo addresses that need but in a more innovative way. The smartphone can be retracted to a compact size for storage and if the user chooses to they can expand it to whatever size fits their need.

Now, this phone is still a concept and Oppo will have to ensure structural integrity and durability when it comes to the market. If they can solve those problems then the product will take with customers.

It will be interesting to see how the final product performs if and when it comes out.

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