Sasai’s African & Talented promotion extended due to public demand

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Back in September, Sasai launched an Africa wide talent show called “African & Talented“. It’s no secret that this contest was a promotional push to get more people on the super-app. Sasai has for a while now been employing different tactics to get more people to see the utility in the app. The earliest that comes to mind is the partnerships with influencers like Ray Vines. The arrangement was that content creators and influencers would post material that was exclusive to Sasai.

African & Talented looks to have been a different approach to getting people on the super app. Instead of influencers being the draw to Sasai, individuals would participate in the hope of winning a prize. Speaking of prizes there was a promised share of US$15 000 in weekly cash prizes and it was supposed to end on the 30th of October 2020.

Well… in a press release Cassava has said that the competition will be extended to the 29th of November 2020. The extension is apparently due to public demand and the format will remain pretty much the same:

  • Download, register and create a profile on Sasai
  • Like and follow the “Africa & Talented” page on Sasai Moments
  • Upload your content on your personal Sasai Moments page
  • Tag the African & Talented page
  • When uploading content, use the competition hashtag followed by your category e.g. #AfricaAndTalented #Acting
  • Each like you get will be counted as a vote but you have to get at least 100 likes.

“We will continue to have 10 winners every week until November 29, and these will be walking away with US$100 each”

Tapera Mushoriwa, Sasai Chief Operating Officer

Tapera Mushoriwa went on to say that 50 young people from countries that include Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Burundi and South Africa had already won US$100 each in weekly prices.

Has Sasai’s African & Talented contest worked?

This extension could be Sasai trying to keep people who already participated to return to the platform. Without the chance to win something I’m pretty sure people who were using Sasai probably started leaving the app. Extending the promotion could be something that Cassava thinks is worth continuing to keep engagement on the app up.

What’s your take?

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